Plastic Warfare Modern Tutorial

Getting Started

Play Plastic Warfare Modern on our server by searching [iLL] Plastic Warfare in Unturned’s Server browser. You can also find the server by direct connect at the IP and Port 27032.

Plastic Warfare Modern is a custom modded server that we made 100% for our servers. You can download our mods from the Steam workshop or let the server install them every time you join the server.

With the recent update of Plastic Warfare Modern (aka PW4), we changed the game play. That may be confusing for some at first, but it will soon become second nature to everyone who plays. This tutorial will help you get you on your feet and into the battlefield!

Useful commands to know

/Respawn (Clears your inventory and teleports you back to your team’s HQ)

/Exchange Amount M (Converts your Assets into XP. XP then can be used to buy items from NPCs)

ex. /Exchange 1000 M

/Exchange Amount (Converts your XP into Assets)

ex. /Exchange 2500


Each match starts with a set number of tickets for both teams. Currently, you lose tickets for your team each time you respawn. Once one team gets to 0 tickets, the match ends. Each team gets an end-of-the-match bonus of XP and Commends. The winning team gets a higher reward than the losing team. If the server is under a certain amount of players, currently set to 5 or less, the payouts, and end of the match bonuses are halved. 


Once you join the server, it will prompt you to join a team., There is a custom UI, that makes it easy for you to join either team. It shows you how many players are on each team, the number below the team’s logo. You can either click on either team’s logo or click the “Random Team” button to join a team randomly. There are also other buttons to join our Discord, or view terms to iLLmatik’s Server, Discord, and Website.


If you ever can’t use the UI for some reason, you can also use the command /team green or /team tan


You can see each team’s tickets at the top of your screen. Each team starts with the same amount of tickets. You lose tickets by respawning, and after half of the tickets are lost for a team there is a possibility for ticket bleed. Ticket bleed only occurs if the difference between the losing and winning team’s ticket difference is greater than twenty-five. The team with fewer tickets then starts to bleed tickets, by five every twelve minutes. There are no ways to gain more tickets at the moment. Once one team reaches zero tickets, a new match starts.


Kits are broken down into phases to prevent certain kits from being used when the player count is too low. This ensures powerful weapons/vehicles are not doing more harm than good to the player count. There are three phases and are broken down below.


Players needed

Phase 1: 1-11

Phase 2: 12-23

Phase 3: 24 and over


Commands for Phases 

/phase (To see the current phase of the server)

/cost kitname (To see what phase a kit is unlocked in, also shows the price of the kit)


Kits grant you the ability to get gear. Each kit costs in-game money (XP) and is unlocked during a set phase. If the kit is set to unlock in phase 3, and the server drops down to phase 2. You will have you’ll have to wait for the phase to reach 3 again to get it again. Kits are categorized and have limits on how many can be used at a time. For example, scout kits and only have 2 per team at a time. Under those categories, there are also restrictions on what you can have in those kits. For example medics are the only kits allowed to have the trauma bag. No other kit can pick that item up.


View all kits


Commands for Kits

/kits (Shows you the list of all available kits for your team and current phase.)

/kit kitname (Gives you the kit of your choice if you have enough XP to purchase it)

/cost kitname (Shows you the kits cost and what phase it unlocks in)


Medics heal players with their supplies. They are critical to your team’s survival. Non-medics cannot heal players as efficiently. 


Medical Supplies

Supplies available to all players in any role.


Wrap – Standard medical wrap given to all players to stop bleeding and heal a small percentage of health

Dressing – All players can use it, but primarily given to medics to heal minor wounds and stop bleeding

Medical Dressing – Best dressing any player can use. However, it’s only obtainable through spawns around the world

First Aid Kit – Better option to heal players. Heals player’s health, infection, and stops bleeding


Medic Exclusive items

Only equipable when playing as a medic role


Splint – Heals broken legs.

Trauma Bag – Best option to heal players. Heals player’s health, infection, stop bleeding, and heals broken legs


Players can rank up by getting commends. You can earn Commends by getting kills, the timed payouts, and an end-of-the-match bonus. The winning team gets more than the losing team. Currently, ranks give you XP as a rank reward. You can see all of your stats and rank in-game either two different ways. One you can click on the top right button with the iLLmatik logo, or use the command below. To see how to free your cursor, see the UI section below.


Command(s) used to see Ranks/stats

/stats (Shows your stats, balance, and rank)


To use the custom in-game UI you will have to free your cursor. There are a few different ways to do that. You can do one of the following; open the text chat, hold down your gesture button (default to “C”), or hold down the Numpad 0 key.

Repair Zones

Repair zones heal your vehicle back to 100% health and fill it up with gas. Enter a repair zone with your vehicle. They are located around each team’s base and Outpost. You can identify them by the repair station shipping container. Once inside a zone, an icon will appear on the right side of your screen (see image below.) Then all you have to do is move your cursor and click on that icon while in the driver’s seat to repair your vehicle. 

Medical Stations

Like repair zones, medical stations heal the player back to 100% health, food, and radiation. Medical stations are often inside the base’s medical tents, rooms, and hospitals. Once inside a station radius, an icon will appear on the right side of your screen (see image below.) Then all you have to do is move your cursor and click on that icon to heal yourself.

Deleting Workshop Content

If you are having any issues with conflicting mods, an error loading the map such as; saying it is modified or running a different version of the map. You should unsubscribe from the mod you are conflicting with or all mods, then delete them from your mod folder. You can follow the tutorial below to see how to do that.

Step 1: Unsubscribe A Mod

You will have to unsubscribe from the old mod first before you delete the files. If you do not do this step, Steam will re-download the workshop files.

The first step is to go to your “Steam Profile” page

Then you will scroll down and click on the “Workshop Items” item in the sidebar on the right side the page layout

From there click on “Subscribed Items“, again on the right side of your screen.

Look for the pack’s name

Then “unsubscribe” from the pack(s).


* You can search by the game if you have a lot of items downloaded. To do so on the top of your screen look for “Filter by game” and click on the drop-down menu “Select a game“. Then click on Unturned. 


Alternatively, you can go the Workshop item individually and unsubscribe from there.

Unsubscribe from the mod through your Steam Profile page
Step 2: Locate the Files

The simplest way to find the files is to find them through Steam.

Go to your “Steam Library

Right Click on “Unturned

Click “Properties

Click on the “Local Files” tab

Choose the “Browse Local Files” Button

Locate the file location of Unturned through Steam

That opens up your File Explorer. From there we will go find the location of Steam’s Workshop directory. 

Click on “steamapps” in the folder directory

Go into the folder called “workshop

Then go into the folder called “content

Go into Unturned’s workshop folder, the id is “304930

Find the Mod’s ID, you can do that from the mod’s page. 

Alternatively, you can delete the whole folder “304930” and Steam will redownload the mods you are still subscribed to. The downside is that you will have to download all of the mods again.

Deleting the Pack 1 Content Mod Pack Folder with the ID "1630180602"

Once you have unsubscribed and deleted the folder, you’re all set. If you haven’t already downloaded the new mods, you can do so now and won’t conflict ids with our mods.