We here at iLLmatik Gaming staffing is hard to get into. The staff that is currently on our roster have proven to be hardened to deal with the ins and outs of everyday task on the server. We treat them as players so they do not have abusive commands like other server admins found on other Unturned servers. Our server staff simple only really have commands like Ban, Kick, force players on a team and some have Broadcast. This has proven to keep the power-hunger or abusive staff away from our network making the server s more of a relaxed place to play. Please don’t bother our staff when you see them in-game. Chances are they are just trying to play. If you have an issue or wish to report a player please do so in the Report a Player Channel in our Discord. As stated our above we treat our staff as players but this doesn’t mean they will not take action if they see an event first hand.

Meet The Team




Doug E

Want to Become a Staff Member?

If you wish to become staff for iLLmatik Gaming network, please read the requirements and apply through the form below.

The Requirements

  • Act mature and be a laid back player
  • Must have played on the server for a while and know your way around
  • No bans from the server
  • Must have a working microphone
  • Must be active in our Discord
  • Be helpful/supportive in the server and Discord
  • A purchase of a pack worth a minimum of $10 USD

Staff Duties

  • Enforce the rules of the server
  • Keep your cool and respect others at all time
  • Help players with problems, questions and reports in Discord
All staff work is volunteer, no staff member is paid.

Please note that if you do not perform or stop performing these tasks you will be removed from staff. If you leave on bad terms, we may have to ban you from the server, (Making a bad name for the server, Affiliated with banned players, Treating others negatively, etc).
Staff Application