MVP and Supporter

Buying from our store is not automated which means it has to be added manually. This can vary depending on if Static or Rob is online. Just expect to get it within 24 hours. Normally the time span is 5-60 minutes. If you wish to speed up the process you may DM Static or Rob on Discord or even write in our Support Channel on the Discord and a staff member will alert one of the owners.

We do not offer refunds.

Yes, when buying a kit in-game you still have to spend your currency on the kit. We do this so we do not become a pay to win server. We try to maintain the balance for everyone to enjoy their experience. 

No, however, we do occasionally have MVP trials that occur during events, holidays or large sales.

Yes, all players can get banned. Staff might give you an extra warning but you can still get banned. Make sure to read up on the rules.

If you are allowed on the Discord meaning you are not banned or muted. We treat our Discord as a privilege, not a right. If you are not limited or banned from it. You will have your role within the Discord. Mainly it is just a title but may open up chat channels if they are available. You may have to ask in support to get your role.

Yes, if you are having a problem with purchasing MVP and wish to chat with someone Click Here​.

MVP changes are only made for balancing gameplay. We do not change or remove kits that are included in MVP unless we must do so for balance.

No, players that owned VIP do not get MVP. They are separate content.

Plastic Warfare Modern

To view all of the available jobs to you

use the command /jobs

To get the job you want use the command /job JobName

example: /job Infantry1G or kit Infantry1T

The G stands for Green and T stands for Tan.

Firstly, you need to be in a job to gain access to select kits. Then to spawn a kit you have to type in the command “/kit name”

example: /kit Assault1G or kit Assault1T

The G stands for Green and T stands for Tan.

To get a vehicle you have to spawn a kit

example: /kit Humvee1G or /kit Humvee1T

The G stands for Green and T stands for Tan.

XP is used to buy items from the in-game NPC’s in the team’s HQ.  Every player has the max skill level in each category upon joining the server.

To Exchange Assets into XP.

Type: /exchange amount

To Exchange XP into Assets.

Type: /exchange amount money

This command can only be used in HQ region.)

Assets are the in-game currency that are rewarded from job roles and killing enemy players. You can also exchange your Assets into XP and XP into Assets Check the signs in the team HQs for more details.

To check your balance.


To Pay a Player. Type: 

/Pay Player Amount
Example: /Pay Frank213 100 (This would pay the player 100 Assets)

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