Banning FAQ's

Bans all depend on what it was that you initially did. You may write in the Discord support about your ban. But make sure you are asking for yourself. We do not deal with third-party bans. Meaning do not have your friend come in and ask about your ban. This will get that person banned as well due to we see it as if the players have an alt account and just wants his main unbanned.

No, once banned, the only way to come back is to file a ban appeal with a good case.

All bans are for reason. You might have been banned and have missed the reason stated when you exited the server. Or the ban might have happened when you were offline. All bans that are handled have either proof or witnessed by a staff member.

No, We do not ban over the word of mouth of players. We work off of screenshots and video proof only. This is due to players Griefing other players by ganging up and framing players on false events.

To get a chance to be unbanned you may file a Ban Appeal form out below. Make sure to fill it out properly or no action will be made.

If you are allowed on the Discord meaning you are not banned or muted. We treat our Discord as a privilege, not a right. If you are not limited or banned from it. You will have your role within the Discord. Mainly it is just a title but may open up chat channels if they are available. You may have to ask in support to get your role.

Yes, if you are having a problem with purchasing MVP and wish to chat with someone Click Here​.

MVP changes are only made for balancing gameplay. We do not change or remove kits that are included in MVP unless we must do so for balance.

Ban Appeal